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Achieve more with your email marketing

More and more businesses are using email as their preferred method of marketing whether that’s as a regular newsletter or simply adhoc emails to keep customers notified of changes. There is no doubt that email can improve the customer’s perception of your brand and help to increase sales directly and indirectly – this is all achievable ONLY if you use email correctly. Here are a few tips from our parents over at arkitex to help you achieve email success.

Images or no images – that’s the question

By default some of the main email clients (e.g. Gmail) won’t display the images within your email unless the user clicks a link, so it’s important you consider how your email will look without any images shown. Using background images can produce some unwanted results so they are best avoided altogether. Try to break up the email with background colours to ensure the email is not a block of black or white background with lots of text on top.

What’s your goal?

It sounds silly but so many marketing emails don’t give a clear ‘call to action’. If you want your readers to do something, help them with it. A clear button with assertive text is a good suggestion, also try to use a colour that’s not used anywhere else on the email so that it clearly stands out. If the email is long then its always a good idea to have the ‘call to action’ at the top of the email as well as the bottom.

You check emails on your mobile – so does everyone else!

A growing percentage of your emails will be read on a mobile and if they are using any of the modern smartphones they will see a small snippet of the email text when they’re viewing their list of emails in their inbox (before opening the email). This text will be the very first piece of text on the email. 99% of the time it is really uninviting like ‘If you cant read this email properly…’. Whilst you do want this text at the top of the email, I’d suggest having something else above this. Use something similar to the ‘subject’ of the email but don’t repeat it word for word. This way the user will see the subject line in their inbox as well as some other text to entice them to read it. You have two opportunities to get them to open the email – why waste one of them!

Use the right tools for the job

If you want your email to be successful then its important how it looks, its also very important that it doesn’t break! Using a web designer, or even worse, a graphic designer without experience of designing for email, can result in broken emails or possibly low open rates. There are many considerations when designing for email that most web designers aren’t aware of if they haven’t done it before. Its not rocket science by any means but knowing the limitations of email is essential. A lot of best practices go against those of designing for web so a good web designer is not necessarily a good email designer.

Save pennies and lose pounds

Lots of clients want to send their emails the cheapest possible way, this is nearly always false economy. If you use a reputable gateway to send your emails then you may pay a little bit more to send them but you WILL get higher open rates and ultimately a higher conversion/click rate. So the little extra you spend on sending the emails in the first place can result in higher financial gains as a result of more of your emails being opened, read and clicked.

Arkitex have put together this infographic for you to share with friends, colleagues, lovers and employees, they’ve also included a few interesting email related stats, so feel free to share it around.

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