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A new year and a new Minglur

It’s a new year and we’ve not just had our hair done, we’ve seen a stylist, joined a gym, conversed with a life coach and even harnessed some new powers.

We decided to give Minglur an overhaul and not just from the outside; we’ve also taken a look at what conference call features you all used and we tightened up the experience to make things even easier to use – if that’s possible!

This not only means you get an easier conference call, it also allows us to add new features that will make your working day that little bit less hectic.

As good as we are, we’ll happily admit we’re not faultless. Although we think we’ve ironed out all the issues we’ve found, if you do come across any problems while using our service please let us know and, as a thank you, or call it a late Christmas gift, we’ll give you 1000 reward points to use towards your next gift. As you know, with Minglur it’s gift-giving all year round.

As always, we welcome your feedback so if you have any concerns, comments or just Christmas wishes please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy new year everyone! Get mingling!

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